Winning Poker Strategy: The Secret of Slow-Playing


Winning Poker Strategy: The Secret of Slow-Playing

New Texas Hold’em poker players often ask, “When and why should I Secret of Slow-Play?”

This question is even more acute in playoff poker, when you’re low on chips and close to being out of the tournament. Decisions are critical, and being able to Secret of Slow-Play a hand can put a critical stop to a possible Revolution.

Let’s look at some of the scenarios:

You’re heads up at the end with Oni Royal. You have high pair and your opponent has Ace King. You both raised preflop but the flop brings a Queen and Oni comes betting. He may have a feeling that you have a big hand, so he bets out. depo 20 bonus 20 If you have it, you can check, or semi-bluff, or possibly put in a big raise, of maybe 4x the initial raise. Checking is the only way you’ll see the flop, unless you hit a green light. If you bet out, chances are you’ll be up against AK or KK. If you hit the flop, chances are you’ll face smooth calling, perhaps even limping. If you bet out, you could be in big trouble if you’re called, especially if your opponent has the Ax in the hole, and especially if that opponent has position on you.

You may also be in trouble if your opponent hits a non-pair hand on the flop. Suppose you have the 8 of clubs in middle position. The board comes 9-8-3 with 2 clubs. Even if you don’t hit the flush, you could still get third place, if your opponent makes a big raise. You have to count your bets, and estimate what the pot odds would be if you were on the button, even if you called the raise. That’s certainly a factor you’ll have to consider.

How big a part does your hand play in this? It’s easy to forget about Ace High, when you’re holding eight clubs face up in the flop. But Ace High does give you a lot more possibilities in terms of getting out of jams, or doubling up. A lot of aggressive players will push all-in with a variety of hands like these. If your opponents don’t believe you have the better hand, they’ll be comfortable going all-in with a variety of hands like these – middle pair, a small pair, Ace and a Deuce, and even connectors like 6h6h. You’ll be at a distinct disadvantage. Try Secret of Slow-Play this hand and hoping to get all of the money in on the flop, or hope for a big raise to knock out the low hand.

This is a hand you’ll have to get very close to in order to lay down. Never be under any circumstances chunking, or shortcut your way to blinds with these types of hands. They’re simply too risky to call all-in with very weak hands, or hands which could end up facing four overcards. If you’re willing to wait for a smoother hand, and until you get one, you stand a better chance of doubling your stack than if you called and lost. You’ll also be Sliding down more pots than if you called and probably won’t be going very deep.

So these are your Texas Holdem odds, or Texas Holdem odds secrets, for folding AA preflop. Practice these and you’ll be able to find your spots to apply them both in cash games and in tournaments.