Roulette: What Is The Purpose?


Roulette: What Is The Purpose?

The true purpose of roulette is to predict the exact pocket in which the ball will definitely drop on the wheel after each spin. This is obviously impossible, as any spin just leads to the ball landing anywhere. No matter where the ball eventually falls it will still follow the law of the third in an unerring linear fashion towards the center of the wheel. Therefore the only reliable method to determine the pocket is through the past results. By analyzing the results in previous spins, the location of the ball can eventually be determined. And thus the game of roulette is born.

More often than not most players just play roulette for the hell of it, as it is probably one of the most boring casino games. In roulette you will just stand around and exchange the money you have won or lost with everyone else at the casino. The only people who really take home anything are the casino owners and the people who figure out the slower method of applying the theory of probability.

But really, if you analyze it carefully, you will find that every player possesses his or her own method to win. And the most popular method nowadays is called the Martingale system. In fact this system was first used in France during the revolution. It is a very simple strategy, and yet this is the basis of most of the systems that have been invented in recent times. Martingale was initially meant as a system to coin money. But when it was realized that you could apply it to football, it became an instant money making system. Simply put, if you lose on a series then you must double your bet on the next spin, and the cycle goes on. The Martingale system is very attractive as it could theoretically offer you a 99% chance of winning at the start. But in reality, the lie is a lot closer to 50%. The possibility of losing is as much as 47% and a little less for the other 51%. In roulette you will usually find a good 80% chance of winning. With the right system and roulette playing strategy you can be guaranteed to win around 78-79% of the time. It is not a wonder that the casinos would want you to use Martingale. They are hoping that you will have no system and continue losing.

Nothing is ever certain in life, it is very hard to predict future events, but 50% is a lot more probable than 90%. The Martingale system is looked upon with a lot of scepticism, as it is not accepted as a winning strategy by any casino. They feel that the only winner in a game of roulette is lady luck. If you play using the Martingale system though, you should be able to reduce the house edge and increase your chances of winning.

Players who use the Martingale system have been amazed at what they have achieved. It is not just about having a system of making the right bets, it is about having a flawed strategy and playing with a significant bank. Lady Luck is about winningillions of dollars in a short period of time. Online casino players have revealed how they have won a large sum of money using Martingale. One of the reasons why the Martingale system is so powerful is that it is not based on mathematics. You will hear a lot of people saying that it is impossible to win in games of roulette using Martingale. That is not the case, the system is about the numbers you bet, and not the numbers themselves. Mathematics can be used to make the system fail. ButMartingale systemuses mathematics to increase your odds of winning and is not in any way rigged.