Month: November 2022


Multi-Table S and G Tournament Strategy

Normally you can only play in bandar togel tournament at a time because of the length of the structure. With a multi-table S and G poker tournament however, you have the ability to play at least three games at the same time. This requires some different poker strategy, as you will be forced to make…
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Fixed Odds and Laying favourites

icator fixed odds are becoming more popular as bookmakers have to raise their game to compete with competition from all the new betting exchanges available on the internet. They offer something for everyone,blers, punters, traders, gamblers and investors alike. Fixed odds betting has been available for decades but in recent years the retail bookmakers, bookies…
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SNG Poker Strategy – How to Play Against a Pool of > 100,000 Players?

In March of this year, the WPT and the British TV show “Celebrity Poker” guest-starred a large number of players participating in a massive $1,500,000 no limit Texas hold em tournament. The tournament was held in Los Angeles, California and drew an all star line up of famous celebrities and professional poker players. The event…
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