Fixed Odds and Laying favourites


Fixed Odds and Laying favourites

Fixed Odds and Laying favourites

icator fixed odds are becoming more popular as bookmakers have to raise their game to compete with competition from all the new betting exchanges available on the internet.

They offer something for everyone,blers, punters, traders, gamblers and investors alike. Fixed odds betting has been available for decades but in recent years the retail bookmakers, bookies offering fixed odds have increased, due to customer demand for these products.

Perhaps one of the reasons the fixed odds betting product became more popular was the introduction of the betting exchanges. Betting exchanges offer betting markets rigged to the favour the backbookers and therefore the bookmakers have to raise their game to compete – in theory at least. somewhere in Asia there is a reference to raising stakes in football matches to fund a bet expected to win. But that is not going to happen in the UK because the uplift in the value of the pound against the dollar in the betting exchange markets has reduced the ability of the bookmakers to raise the football stakes in the way they have done.

However, with the advent of the betting exchanges the game can change dramatically. Laying favourites are the most popular form of betting now, with lots of betting exchanges available offering the ability to back the favourite and lay the underdog, in theory at least. For example, in the Six Nations rugby competition, New Zealand and Australia are drawn to play each other in round two. Obviously everyone knows who will win, but it is not uncommon to have a horse laying system or betting forecast that will pick the loser. As there are no Kings or Queens in the Six Nations, the odds are far more favourable to the betting exchange punters if they backing a losing favourite. Think that’s boring?

Think again. Punters who back the losing team are frequently prevented from backing their favourite by the odds being offered by the betting exchanges. According to figures published in the Wall Street Journal, in the first half of the financial year, $132 billion was matched in bets in betting markets. That is a lot of money. Clearly, many people back their favourite because it is the easiest and most convenient to do so. The betting exchanges allow you to be able to back a losing favourite at better than even money (or slightly better than even money) odds, which means you can bet against the betting favourite if you think it will lose.

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In the same way, if you are a fan of a certain football or basketball team then it is often safe to say that backing your favourite team at home will have the added advantage when you place a bet. Example: If you backing a team because it was your favourite team growing up, you have a personal favourite to win and will always have more confidence in your team. This could provide a greater advantage in the betting markets.

The third element to making money from betting is related to the previous item, working out what you are favourite to win. Confidence in your decision is a required nerves of steel, and although it may be a case of qualifying to back your favourite team, having a bruised ego is not going to help in the long run.

Confidence can be built through the consistency of placing bets on your favoured team. However, betters greater level of confidence will be shown through the number of bets you place on their preferred football team. If you place bets on your football team once without any trepidation then confidence will show through your bets. The more times you back your favourite team, the more bets you will place confidence.

It takes time and effort to build that level of confidence, but when you see the level of confidence it will take to actually place bets, you will know that you have built it!