Play Poker on a Folding Card Table


Play Poker on a Folding Card Table

Play Poker on a Folding Card Table

You can choose a large variety of folding card tables to host your poker games from home. The number and style of these tables vary from person to person and depends on your own personal and home agenda. The following is a brief overview of different foldable card tables and their features:

Ova (or allocable)

ova-table with fixed legs is the most common folding card tables available today. feet make it easy to set up the card table on any furniture including dining table. The downside is that you are restricted to using the table only between situations where it is set up on a dining table or coffee table.


Table with legs that fold up are more flexible in their use and can be more comfortable when the players are finished with their game. The downside is that the legs do not fold as much as other tables that are folding, making them more difficult to transport.

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Best overall table is the folding racetrack table. This is the kind of table that can be set up in just about any kitchen or beverage room. It comes with built in cup holders, chip holders, carved frets and durable felt. The circular table makes it easy to view the game and the players. Sitting below the table is a blanket or cushioned armrest for the comfort of the players.

It can be compactly setup on just about any kitchen table or card stand, and can be transported from one place to another quite easily. It can also be fitted on a card stand at the Dewavegas club. This is a great buy for the price point at which it sells.

It has built in cup holders, which are a necessity in most American casinos, and along with the standard features, you get a dealer tray and chip holders, both of which are necessary for casinos. The only bad part is that it is not possible to get matching cup holders and chip holders.

If you are planning on hosting weekly poker games at your home, then getting this table is a wise investment. People who have waited until now to purchase this table were perhaps waiting for the weight to be reduced so it can be lighter on the players’ nights of play.

As a result of the fan following this table has earned, the table model has been made available in different attractive colors like green, red, orange, blue, and black. The price point at which this table sells pulls a lot of people to buy it even though it is a little more expensive than similar products in its category.

This table gets a rating of 8 out of 10 points because in spite of the fact that it has some commercial looking features, we still consider it to be one of the more affordable pokies in its category. The best part about it is that this cheap poolside table can be used in a club or if you are buying it to go on holiday. In either situation it is a great buy.

It isVIP Members lucky if they land the deal at this price.