Where to Start in Poker


Where to Start in Poker

Unknown to many is that poker is not just one game but a variety of types of one game all coming under the umbrella called poker. Today’s poker clubs are apt to include many variations of the game and once this hits the would-be poker player, they will probably find choosing a type of poker to begin their learning of the game really dicey.

Of primary interest is which game is the most profitable. There is no real answer to this question for the novice player because no one variation has an inherent profitability factor. Making money in poker depends on the skill of the player engaging in a particular game. Most players play quite a few of the game types but will, in the end, begin to specialize in their choice type.

Where to Start in Poker

Furthermore, I believe that the beginning of a player’s poker career is best characterized by the active engagement in the particular game type. I would suggest that the player begin to play in games that they are most familiar with, allow themselves sufficient time to read their hands well and allow themselves an ample opportunity to observe and assess other players’ actions. If a player is, for example, a skilled flopper, there is no reason to play baccarat or other casino games, which most people feel more at home doing, than playing poker.

Another important aspect to blend in with the crowd when beginning a poker career is to take part in poker tournaments, both online and in live games, because of the high stakes involved. Select a poker room that offers a variety of low buy-in tournaments and, because of the smaller stakes, select the tournaments that have the smallest fields. Get a feel of the poker room or room in which you invest your money.

You will not be spending a fortunes Amount of money, but if you have the fortunate opportunity to get involved in a high bankroll tournament, you will be well positioned to make a large return on your investment. Get used to the pressure of making a decision in poker rooms. Play enough hands to develop an instinct for the type of player you are up against.

This is not going to change theaste of your game overnight. Poker is a game of psychology and it ismy opinion, that the majority of players lose money because they are just notClever enough to bet properly on the turn or river. Poker is a game of self confidence and a player should never have confidence in themselves, other players, or the game of poker.

erve yourself with better play money if you are trying to decide whether or not to learn the game of poker. Play for free. Take advantage of the freerolls that are available and play low limit games.