How to Pair Your Cards


How to Pair Your Cards

How to Pair Your Cards

How to pair your cards depends on many factors. A lot of newbies will be led to believe that it is impossible to make money from this approach. Even other more experienced players will likewise fall into the same conclusion. So how is this to be possible?

When you pair your cards properly you will be able to boost your overall profits by a significant margin. Not a huge surprise really as many players only know how to play in certain situations. However, there is one situation where using pair cards definitely has a higher chance of winning. That would be when you have high pairs. When you have pairs that are highest or even slightly higher than other pairs you will be able to win more easily. Even if you do not win from the high pairs, you should still be able to at least break even.

How to pair your cards is heavily dependent on your personal preferences. Do you want to go for a strong pair or maybe lower ones? It should be noted that when you have a pair, your odds of winning are even better than when you have 3 of a kind or even 2 of a kind. This is because the longer the pair remain in the game, the higher the chances are for a better hand to be dealt sooner or later.

The decision on how to pair your cards is one of the most important decisions you will need to make when playing poker. Don’t go to extremes. Do not go for extremes and forget about other pairs like quads and pairs of 4s simply because they do not win in the least. Find out why pairs win hands and you will eventually learn how to pair your cards properly. When you pair your cards, you increase your chances of winning not only during the initial part of the game, but also the whole game. Find out the right time and you will be able to win an easy pot without risking it.

The decision on when and how to use your cards is a tough one. On the initial part of the game when you do not have high cards and can easily be blinded away, you can certainly go for a small raise with pairs. The idea here is to get as many players into the game as possible. Let them see the flop and give them a free card. You can also slow play any pairs or high cards you have like aces. When you get a free card or feel there is a chance you will not get another card, get out of the game before you are out as well.

On the other hand, when you have a very strong hand, you would also want to raise during the pre-flop. When you have a hand that is pretty much a surefire winner, you can slow play it. Of course, if you have a high pair, you can let the players bet during the flop. Either raise high after the flop or bet high in the absence of a flop.

The whole idea is to get as many players into the game as possible. The more players, the more of a sure thing you have. The idea here is to turn every hand into a coin flip. When you have a very strong hand, reverse the roles. Make the bet then reverse the roles. Let the players raise then reverse the roles. This ensures you have multiple ways to win a hand, and eliminating some of the chances of losing a hand.

When you have a strong hand, you want to have multiple ways to win the pot. You do not want to narrow the choices down to just the high and low hands. broadening your scope will allow for more playing and less predictability in your betting. The idea here is to give other players second thoughts in their decisions.

Fourth, think more about your hand and what you have, rather than trying to beat your hand into someone else’s hand. Remember that this is a game of points and not cards. If you think your hand is probably the best hand on the table, do not convince others to drop out of the game.

Fifth, if you have a strong hand, play slowly and carefully. Don’t rush your decisions. This leads to no profit or a bankruptcy on your part. Take your time and see the number of points and cards you have. Let your hand play out.

The more you think about your hand and the more you pay attention to the cards on the table, the better you will be able to play. You can’t afford to mess up draws or bets. Be patient, be selective, and stay in the game!