How to Find the Best Online Poker Site


How to Find the Best Online Poker Site

How to Find the Best Online Poker Site

“What’s the best online poker site?” is a question I’m sure many of you ask. “Where can I play that game which is so dear to my heart?”

The hardest part of finding an online poker site isn’t finding the poker site at all. It’s actually finding and choosing the card room at the most preferable place for playing poker. Why? Because no-one wants to deposit money and take a hit to my bankroll just to try out a new online poker room. (Although, there are some of those internet poker rooms that do accept PayPal eg.

So, how do you go about finding the best online poker site? I’ve been playing online poker for almost a year now and I’ve been going to many poker websites to hunt for new players. Last year, I joined about 10 poker websites. I then went on to found my favorite poker room which took me months to find. Here’s what I did:

  1. Read lots of poker reviews online. When looking at poker websites, you’ll find there are many review pages all offering players lots to learn. Find a few of these review sites and make your own comparisons. Make sure you read everysingle review on every poker room, because you’re bound to find a good one.
  2. Make up your mind to play at a particular poker room. You’ll probably do this with your initials. Example: I’m at Full Tilt Poker right now and I have lots of money. I’m going to deposit soon at Full Tilt Poker.
  3. awaits you to start playing. Don’t be afraid to wait for your free money or your deposit bonus to appear, because you’ll awaiting to start playing with your freebies.
  4. your natural tendency is to jump into a poker room and start playing with your friends. I remember some of the beginners from the poker room I was in, that decided to play limit poker. I played a bit and I was very unsuccessful. I didn’t make much money. After some time I left the poker room.
  5. decide to search for knowledge on poker on the internet. You’ll here many poker articles that try to offer you poker secrets. Well, I might tell you some tips or tricks, but those are not strategies, just tips. Pay attention to the words “Tips” and play with common sense.
  6. wherever you play, pay attention to the Texas Holdem table. You’ll find many beginner poker players in there. These players tend to play very loose and you can take advantage in a big way. Play fewer hands in the beginning until you know the game a lot better.
  7. ERO is the acronym for “Even Odd Win” and “ocus on” which means you’ll always keep your focus on your game and opponents.
  8. “Auto-check” tell the poker room to check the hand history of the players every time someone gets a hand. This helps to find and take the pot off the dealer if they are checking more than they should.
  9. Don’t be afraid to get help looking at your mistakes. See many poker strategy articles online, look at the bottom of the page and the “Questions” section. Do you really want to be here? If you do not answer these questions, probably you should be playing online poker anyway.
  10. On the subject of taking the pot off the dealer. Many new online poker players do not understand about the power of this strategy. The better poker players know about this concept. In poker terms it is called “distilling the kill”. Make your opponents pay for their draws. Don’t give them free cards, make them pay to see their cards. Raise pre-flop raises. Every time you do this, you are adding money to the pot. The other players will get dreaded opportunities to outdraw you.

Put a cap on the pot. At the beginning of the round, or if you are in early position, set a cap on the pot so that the threat of going broke is a limited threat. Sure, you can’t win every hand, but winning more than you lose is a step towards improvement.

Start reading up on poker strategy. You want to know what hands you should play from which positions and why and how you should deal with different betting situations.