Are Online Poker Sites Fair Or Forms Of Poker Cheating?


Are Online Poker Sites Fair Or Forms Of Poker Cheating?

Are Online Poker Sites Fair Or Forms Of Poker Cheating

The fairness of internet poker sites is often analyzed by those who play online poker. Some poker players think that the game of poker on the internet is not real life poker and the same as if you play poker in a “crooked” casino; however, there is a simple reason why this is not true. Contrary to what the poker rooms publish on their homepages, the internet is NOT rigged.

The poker rooms are run by a small number of elite poker players and poker software programmers, many of whom also tilt at poker. The casual player does not have access to the poker VIP programs which are essentially exclusive and costly way to join. Receding further, the player foolishly tries to emulate his favorite online poker star and pays ridiculous wagers with minimal probability of winning. The casual player is actually at his/her loss more often than he/she loses.

The reason why online poker is rigged is simple. The pokersites would prefer that YOU became a statistic of losers to attract new players. The elite poker players and their operational software have the knowledge, dedication and financial incentive to manipulate the percentages in their favor. Please see my article on collusion at online poker sites for additional information.

Although some claim online Dewacasino is fair, unbiased poker critics, myself included, cannot help but disagree. The pokersites are blindly advertising their fairness when what they do everyday is NOT unbiased. Their is aEEPING in the back of their mind. They know the flaws in the poker software and they know exactly how to exploit those flaws for profit. I have been making a living off of poker, tournament play specifically, for years now. I also know a fair con when I hit the big sites and have keyed some of the bigger pots.

Please consider my advice. Do NOT become a victim of the elite online poker rooms and ANY gaming site that will tell you otherwise. There is a distinct difference between gambling and actually being a conducive part of the poker community. Get a life and Downsize your impact on poker. I would rather be out playing the players than at the tables. I have been involved in online poker for several years and during that time the landscape of the game has dramatically changed for the worse. The players areIGNINGHARDERThAN THE DONkeys! Why? Because the donkeys are staying home and playing online poker halls. The players are getting softer in the face of the poker gods favoring them over us normal folks. Don’t buy into the “poker industry tides”The donkeys are sucking the money out of the poker rooms wanting to break even and contributing nothing to the overall bottom line.

Please consider my advice. If you want to make a serious income playing online poker, build a real career and work toward mastering your craft. Meanwhile, the donkeys are visiting the tables and taking the money from the players.Downsize your impact on poker and take advantage of the opportunity the poker industry presents to you. I wish you well!