A Glimpse on Online Poker


A Glimpse on Online Poker

The online poker game is always a topic of intense debate. Everyone has to decide: Are the days of playing on the kitchen table with your buddies over again a thing of the past? Are we all just a bunch of wimps who need to grow up and mature? And what about online poker?

After all, it’s already seventeen years since the first online poker room opened up its virtual doors. And eighteen years since the advent of the World Wide Web.

Right now for some reason or another everyone’s eye is on the big money tournaments being held both online and in person by the pros at Poker Stars and Full Tilt. Steveinson himself has been taking part in the large buy-in poker tournaments, and loves to “ledge wheel” in special events like the WSOP.

However, there’s something a little different about Steveinson that makes him stand out. He doesn’t just stick to the games; rather, he seems to have fun and enjoy what he does. We recently had a chat about what it is that makes him so unbeatable.

nickname for “The Poker Brat.”

“He’s not like your average poker player in the sense that he doesn’t have a lot of knowledge about the game. He doesn’t just sit and play. He plays to win.”

“He’s very disciplined in his betting, and he only raises when he has a really good hand. And he only folds if he has a bad hand.”

Can you image such a description? The word “analogy” comes to mind. But, if you’ve ever met him, you can attest to his impeccable timing and smile. Strong stuff.

“He’s cool; calm; and he just knows what he wants. He has no trouble putting two fast-playing, aggressive opponents on the defensive. If he’s got a formula for success, he’s stickman ready; and if he’s got a weak hand, he spins his opponent into a deuce. If he’s the Poker Brat, the Brat is Steveinson.

“He’s patient. Steve doesn’t make fast decisions. He waits for the best hand and then he plays it for all it’s worth.”

Right off the bat, I saw a couple things that impressed me about Steve’s game. He plays a conservative game, and he puts his opponents on the defensive. I’ve never seen so many top-notch, smart, tight aggressive players happy and surging in excitement. Wait until you see Steve’s game for yourself if you doubt his abilities and read between the lines.

He’s competitive and he knows what he’s doing. He told us this about his game earlier. “Steve, I’m kind of the joker on the team. My job is to bring the backup in when the offense can’t do its job. If I succeed, we win; if I don’t, we lose. I’m the guy that makes sure the offense stays healthy.”

Did you see Steve affect a few of those turnovers? Yeah, that’s part of his offensive strategy where he’ll let a short field get away from him, or he’ll go for a play on the goal line instead of taking the easy kick. He’s got theciplined Tommy John routine about eighty percent of the time, and the remainder of the time he’s a nobody en route to the sidelines.

“He’s got a good head on his shoulders. He knows he’s not going to outwork people by himself; that’s one thing. He’s aware enough to call a bet or a caution, but he’s not going to be aggressive, so that’s the difference. And he’s got a really good football instincts. He knows the plays to make and the players to look at.”

After a few interviews, it became obvious that dislikes football and recreation a lot of veteran sports bettors have a lot fewer hobbies than star football players. One thing he emphasized was the need to be at the betting window within a paradigm of betting.

“Sports betting is a hard thing to get right, but I try to stand by my principles every day. People have a tendency to bet with their emotions. I’ve seen punters take bets on things like who would win the first Mexico City Games, which are the most ignored matches in soccer. I’ve also seen them bet on things like if England would beat itself. It all adds up to inexperienced tipping and you can’t predict what will happen in soccer, it’s a very unpredictable game.”

It took me a while to type those last few sentences because they contained the key ingredients to rebuilding my betting bank. Eventually, I forced a smile to cover up the truth in between so I could fully understand where he was leading me.

“I bet on things I’m familiar with.