Pai Gow Poker Strategy – How to Win The Game


Pai Gow Poker Strategy – How to Win The Game

Pai gow poker is derived from the Chinese domino game pai gow. Unlike typical casino card games like blackjack, this game can run more slowly and offers a longer amount of playtime for the investment. The player must focus on the final score at the end of the game. The dealer must handle all the cards and the player can choose to be the first one to hit or be the last one to stay. This is usually the preferred strategy for the experienced player because the house edge is slightly higher in Pai Gow than other card games.

The game is played at a horseshoe shaped table. The dealer stands on the bottom service circle and the player on the top service circle. The table is bifurcated into the four corners only by a greenuho stick. This is used to help players place their bets faster. The dealer is responsible for dealing all the players their cards and should never have more than 8ces or 9s in his hand.

The entire hand is played during the 1st two rounds. The third round commences when the dealer flips another puzzle in the middle of the table. The fourth round is started when the dealer turns up the last dice. The final round commences when the dealer turns up the river puzzle.

After each round, the player can change his hand by discarding weak cards and picking new ones. The dealer must hold all the cards until all the players have played their hands. The player can change his hand anytime, but the dealer should have at least one ace in his two hole cards.

The players can change their hands anytime after each round. The rules of the hand affecting the strategy at the flop, turn and river. In the initial two rounds the hole cards played is the only information the player will have. At the flop, turn and river, the dealer should be changed and the new one should be dealt face up. Players should know where to discard cards in order to keep the best hand.

After the player receives his cards, he should discard the top cards from the deck to reduce the chance of a good hand being hidden. Only one card should be discarded at a time to avoid leaving a good hand behind. Once this is done, the player should place his hand in the middle of the table in a 9 or 10 position. This is to guard against the players left changing their hands.

The dealer starts helping the players with his cards at the flop by placing three cards in the 5 position. The player should pick three cards from the middle, and these should be placed in the 5 column. Once this is done, the dealer starts helping himself to the remaining cards by placing them in the 6, 7 and 8 spots. Now the player can add the cards to his hand any time.

The game continues up to the river where the dealer again places three cards in the center of the table. Unlike the other rounds, the dealer should pick one card from the six spots left and add it to his hand. Once this is accomplished, the players start betting. The bets can start at the minimum level, but the table can have a maximum of eight players on a jackpot. The highest bet is reserved for the dealer, and if there are other players with the same hand as he has, then the game ends and the chips are returned to the host. The processes of dealing and betting continue until the chips are returned to the host, and the game begins again.

The variations of Pai Gow Poker are several, but the basic game remains the same. This allows the game to be played with different players, different levels of skill, and allows ones to perfect the game before taking on a banker. It also allows for the host to remain as the banker during games as well.